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June 30

8 Is Enough
Swiss Teams

  • 3 = 1250+
  • 2 = 750-1250
  • 1 = 0-750

Eight Is Enough photo by Blake Facey

New Partner Game, Thursday 6/29

This is NOT your everyday game, so please don't plan to play with your everyday partner! Invite someone to be your partner with whom who you don't normally play. Tbis is always a fun game, communicating with someone unfamiliar with your methods. A whole room of these experimental relationships is bound to bring a laugh. Please join us for the fun.

Supervised Play Continues on Wednesdays July 5 & 12

For those interested in gaining some advice and insight on the fundamentals of the game, Greg will again host Supervised Play sessions on Wedneday evenings July 5 and July 12. Participants bid and play random hands. Experienced players are on hand to offer advice on how bidding and play might have been improved. Sessions begin at 6:30 and are free.

Intermediate Bridge Lessons Offered,
Tuesdays, Mid-July Through Late-August

Topics presented include:

  • 2 Over 1
  • DONT
  • Montreal Relay
  • Weak 2 Bids
  • Strong 2 Clubs
  • Jacoby 2NT
  • 1430
  • Special Doubles
  • Cuebids
  • Defensive Carding
INSTRUCTORS: Silver Life Masters, Elaine Jarchow and Mary Ann Boyle.
COST: Six Lessons, $60.
DATES: Tuesdays, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, and 8/22.
TIME: 2:30-4:30
LOCATION: Elsmere Senior Center, 179 Dell Street, Elsmere, KY 41018.

For further information, contact

Special games in July

TUE6/27 Mentor/Mentee Play in Mentee Strat
WED6/28 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
THU6/29 New Partner Play with New-To-You pard
FRI6/30 8 Is Enough
3pts=1250+, 2pts=750-1250,
TUE7/4 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
WED7/5 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
THU7/6 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
FRI7/7 Mentor/Mentee Play in Mentee Strat
TUE-FRI7/11-/14 STAC Week All Triple & All Silver Points
TUE7/18 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
WED7/19 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
THU7/20 Mentor/Mentee Play in Mentee Strat
FRI7/21 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
TUE7/25 Club Championship Triple Points
WED7/26 ACBL Membership Double Points
THU7/27 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts
FRI7/28 NAP ½ Red & ½ Black TRIPLE pts

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